Did you know that the average age of a new learner is 26? I think most of us think that it’s all 17 and 18year olds, but with the cost of driving lessons going up over the years, more youngsters going off to university and two car families lots of young people are putting learning to drive off until later in life.

Interestingly though the highest pass rates are amongst 17 year olds and statistics show that it takes more attempts at the test the older you are. Why? Less time to commit to lessons, less chance to do additional driving outside of lessons, more aware of dangers on the road. There is no one reason.

As an older learner there is often a reason you need to learn to drive, new job, new family, new home with no public transport nearby and this can all add to the pressure of passing, leading to nerves and anxiety. At 17 and 18, in general, you want to pass because your friends have.

Learning to drive later in life shouldn’t be a daunting task and there’s no reason why you can’t pass your driving test first time either but don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Take your time, remain determined and stay focused.

Learning to Drive