We think it’s important that you know who is going to be by your side as you learn to drive before they arrive to take you out on your first lesson. So without further ado, please allow us to introduce our fabulous team of driving instructors! Each and every one of our instructors is driven by your success and committed to helping you pass your test. They are fully trained and accredited, as well as regularly attending refresher courses to keep up to date with evolving exam content, legal requirements and safety conditions.

Each member of our driving school operates in a slightly different area – you can see where each instructor covers below.

When you’re ready to book, simply call us on 0161 327 2105 to book your first lesson with your chosen instructor!


Geoff Capes

Hi I’m Geoff Capes – owner of the driving school. I’ve got almost 20 years’ experience under my belt as a driving instructor, as well as running courses and training for newly qualified instructors and seasoned professionals alike. I’m passionate about the industry, and I’m even more passionate about helping you to pass your driving test! I offer driving lessons in a manual vehicle, but I also carry out lessons in our automatic car. I cover most of the South Manchester area.


Andy Jennings

Andy is one of our most experienced driving instructors – he has been an ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) for 11 years. In a previous life, Andy was a chef – but when he got fed up with that, he decided to take a completely new direction with his career and trained to become a driving instructor. Andy loves meeting new people and helping them to achieve independence through passing their driving test. In his spare time, he loves fishing and Manchester United.

Andy carries out his lessons in a manual car and covers Macclesfield and all other nearby areas.


Amanda Nichols

Amanda has a wealth of experience as a driving instructor, having worked in the industry for 11 years. When Amanda is not helping people to pass their driving test, she likes camping, hiking, dining out and listening to music. Amanda’s biggest thrill is seeing the sheer delight on the face of a pupil who has just passed their test, something which she finds thoroughly rewarding and wouldn’t be without. You can see Amanda in her brand new Mazda travelling around the streets of Macclesfield.


Stephen Mitcheson

Stephen mainly covers Tameside and the High Peak district in his manual white Ford Fiesta. Stephen is another of our experienced driving instructors – qualifying as an ADI in March 2007. Previously he worked as a Lab Technician at Louvolite, a window blind manufacturer. He has always wanted to become an ADI – so when he finally got the opportunity having been made redundant from his 9-5, he took it with both hands and has never looked back. He really enjoys his role as ADI as no two days are ever the same. Most of all he loves the feeling he gets when students pass their test! Stephen is married with two daughters and in his spare time, he loves to spend time with them. He is also a season ticket holder at Manchester United – so he loves going to games or watching them down at the pub with his mates.


Claire Hardy

Why did you decide to become a driving instructor?

I’ve always enjoyed driving and people tell me I’m very patient. Over the years I taught my brothers and sister to drive, then some of their friends and my niece. Last year I taught my son to drive and this contributed to my decision to change my job.

What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?
Previously I have worked as a heavy goods driver, a minibus driver and a chauffeur. More recently I worked as a carer as it fitted in well with raising my children. Now my children are grown up and it has opened up new opportunities for me.

What do you like about being a driving instructor?

I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them. I like teaching them new skills and seeing their pleasure as they as they progress with their driving towards the many benefits a driving license brings.

What car do you do you teach in?
Toyota Yaris Hybrid Auto.

What are your interests outside of work?

I like many types of music, playing badminton and I run to keep fit. I have 2 dogs and a cat.



Why did you decide to become a driving instructor?

I have wanted to become a driving instructor for more than 20 years. I really enjoy driving and training people, now I have the opportunity to do both. I was waiting for the right time to change career and it was the best decision I have ever made.

What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?

I was in my previous career for nearly 25 years, working my way up from the bottom to running a multi-million pound business for a large fast food restaurant chain. During my time there I also spent over two years working in London, creating and cascading training materials for more than 130,000 employees.

What do you like about being a driving instructor?

The highlight of this profession is seeing the joy a student feels when they pass their driving test. This is the exact reason why I became a driving instructor and it is amazing to know that I have helped them achieve their goal.

What car do you do you teach in?

Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 GSI line

What are your interests outside of work?

I like many types of music, going to the gym and cycling. I also enjoy watching my boys play rugby.

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