Are you looking for manual or automatic driving lessons in the Stockport, Macclesfield, Hyde or Glossop areas? With our money back guarantee, look no further.

At Geoff Capes Driving School, we offer good quality, affordable driving lessons with experienced driving instructors. We also offer some cracking deals on lesson prices and back that up with a range of benefits to help each and every one of our students. We are the only driving school to put our money where our mouth is – so keep reading to find out how we can benefit you and most importantly of all, help you to pass your test swiftly and safely with confidence.

Getting behind the wheel can be daunting and we understand that most people will be nervous, our friendly team will help put you at your ease and give you confidence in your skills, we take as much time as you need to ensure you are confident and happy. We help you with the rules of the road and show you how to spot potential hazards, vital skills not just for passing your test but for the years to come. Our instructors have years of experience providing you with tips and tricks to help you become a safe confident driver.

We offer free theory test help too, not just to help you pass your theory test but to ensure you are confident on the road in all situations. For some the theory test may be the most difficult part, for others the practical aspect, don’t worry, with our experience we can help.

Try Us Deal

As with all our services, our introductory Try Us Deal is also backed up with the following benefits.

  • Money back guarantee (your money is always safe with us)
  • Test pass promise (T&Cs apply)

  • Driving lesson warranty (4 hours of refresher lessons free after you have passed your test)
  • Free theory test training

No other driving school in the local area offers you a fantastic service with these valuable additional benefits – so with Geoff Capes, you can rest assured that you’re in the safest of hands – and so is your money.

To find out more, claim your offer or book a lesson, call now: 0161 327 2105

If we still have not convinced you to pick up that phone yet, why not check out our customer review section on our site and see what our happy customers have to say about our driving school?

Customer Reviews

Maurice of Stockport

I saw a lot of good reviews on the website and got a good initial response from the company.

I have driven for many years in another country. I explained this to Ian and he was happy to help to ensure I passed the test here. He pointed out any bad habits I had developed over the years highlighting specific things that examiners will look for.

Ian is a experienced driving instructor and was very patient from the start. He suggested specific techniques that I was unaware of and will continue to use in the future.

Maurice Gordon of Stockport

Alice Hopkin of Macclesfield

The main reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School was that I had received recommendations from numerous people.

I needed a driving instructor who was patient and understood how to cope with a very nervous driver.

I didn’t think I would struggle with my nerves as much as I did, but so glad I persevered with my driving lessons and finally passed.

Andy’s teaching methods were very good and easy to follow/remember.

I liked the routine of having my driving lessons on the same set days/times each week. It helped with the continuity which is what I needed being such a nervous driver. Andy was patient with me and understood the things that made me most nervous.

Alice Hopkin of Glossop

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