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Welcome to Geoff Capes Driving School

Established for nearly a decade, at Geoff Capes we are passionate about helping you to rip up those ‘L’ plates and achieve freedom and independence through learning to drive. We don’t believe in costly packages or ‘pass your test quick’ schemes which promise unrealistic results. Instead we offer good quality, affordable driving lessons with experienced driving instructors in Stockport,  Glossop andMacclesfield and everywhere in-between. We’re honest, upfront and trustworthy – so when you learn to drive with Geoff Capes Driving School, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our services – as we care a great deal about getting you through your lessons safely and successfully. That’s why we offer a service carried out by experienced, well-trained professionals with your best interests at heart – representing fantastic quality for money and peace of mind with our money back guarantee.

Geoff has been teaching in the area for over 17 years – so he knows what it takes to get a test pass – knowledge which he imparts to every person within the business to secure success for every single one of his students – no matter who they learn to drive with or where they take their test.  We know the local area inside out, as well as making sure we are constantly up-to-date with the latest examination criteria and requirements.

All of our driving lessons are based on customer success – and as you browse our site you’ll see how our flexible and comprehensive approach enables you to learn to drive in the best possible way for you. We believe it’s this which is the key to our success (and yours!). If you want a male instructor – no problem! If you feel more comfortable with a female instructor, again – it’s not a problem. If you would prefer to take your lessons in a manual car we offer lessons in a range of manual vehicles – however you can also take your lessons in our automatic car. We can cover any requirement you may have without issue. We work around you for a strategy which best fits your lifestyle and preferences – not the other way around. This is one of the reasons why we have such a high pass rate – as if you’re uncomfortable with the way you’re learning to drive or find it inconvenient in any way, it’s unlikely you’ll pass.

Are you looking for a friendly, local driving school with extensive industry knowledge, who are dedicated to helping you pass your test, then look no further than Geoff Capes Driving School.

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Katie Lin – Macclesfield

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Daisy Hammersley – Macclesfield

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I was recommended Geoff Capes Driving School by my auntie who had passed with Geoff a couple of years ago and I wanted to learn in an automatic car.

I wanted an instructor who was patient gave good feedback and also had a high pass rate.

My driving lessons I found to be an exciting experience and less nerve wracking then I thought, I really looked forward to every driving lesson I had!

I found my driving instructor Geoff teaching methods very useful and very easy to get the hang of

I would 100% recommend Geoff Capes driving school to everyone I know! Geoff made me feel comfortable from the start and helped with any doubts I had every day was different.

Stacie Dalzell of Stockport

When I was looking for a driving school they had to have good customer reviews and be a reputable company.

I found the whole learning to drive to be quite a long process but I believe it is ensuring that you are well equipped for real life driving.
Steve my driving instructor was very calm and friendly and put me at ease from the first driving lesson. He was very punctual and we made progress quickly.

I found Geoff Capes Driving School to be highly professional and I would certainly recommend them to all my friends

Emily Dixon of Glossop

The most important thing for me when choosing a driving instructor was to find someone I felt comfortable with as I was very nervous, I had lessons years previously and hadn’t liked the instructor so after several lessons I had given up. Luckily for me I found the delightful, funny, charming man that is Geoff Capes! He made every lesson one that I really looked forward to, he is so much fun and really helped me with my confidence.  I wanted to learn in an automatic car the school had to have an automatic which luckily for me they did.

Learning to drive with Geoff was a dream compared to what I had initially expected, I found the driving so difficult but he really kept me on track, gave brilliant help and advice and never made me feel stupid when I just didn’t get it! How he kept sane after teaching me to reverse around a corner I will never know!

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes driving school, particularly to those who are nervous as I found Geoff really put all those nerves at ease and he made me feel less anxious.

Sophie Snape of Macclesfield
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