Our qualified, friendly and experienced instructors provide automatic driving lessons in Stockport, Macclesfield, Chester, Glossop, Whitchurch and Ellesmere Port and surrounding areas.  There are many reasons for choosing to learn in an automatic car, we can take you through your lessons from complete beginner to passing your test.

There IS another way

Are you struggling with poor clutch control?

Do gears scare the life out of you?

Does the ‘biting point’ confuse you?

Are you worried when you stall?

Do you find that you don’t have time to deal with most situations when on the road?

What if we tell you there is an answer to your problem – Automatic Driving Lessons

We offer automatic driving lessons which means you can learn to drive without the added stress of gears –which makes for a much simpler, less stressful experience when learning to drive. You don’t have to worry about stalling or the clutch and can concentrate on driving, this often means that you will pass your test quicker than learning in a manual car.

Learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone, automatic cars are perfect for learners and qualified drivers alike who find gears confusing and stressful.  More and more people are now choosing this option, there are many more automatic cars available now.

An automatic car is exactly the same as a manual vehicle, except the function of changing gears is taken care of for you by the car. What this means is that you can concentrate solely on driving – as the only pedals you operate are the accelerator (go) and the brake (stop). This simplifies the process of driving and enables you to concentrate on what’s going on around you, as learning to drive can understandably be a daunting undertaking with lots to think about at first.

You may have driven a manual vehicle before – if so, you’ll know that there is a gearstick between the driver’s seat and passenger seat. If you’ve seen someone drive a manual vehicle, you’ll see that they push their foot down on the clutch pedal and move the gearstick, shifting gear according to which they think they should be in. In these cars, we as the drivers make the decisions – and whilst these become completely natural over time sometimes as is often the case with human error, we make the wrong one! This is when you may stall (in too high a gear) or burn out your engine (driving too fast in too low a gear). You can also cause wear and tear to your gears by grinding them should you not put your foot down on the clutch properly.

Some automatic vehicles are ‘semi-automatic’, which means you can either drive them either way depending on what you prefer.

If you learn to drive in an automatic, you won’t be able to drive a manual vehicle unless you learn to drive in a manual separately. If you learn to drive in a manual vehicle, then once you have passed your test you are entitled to choose to drive either a manual or automatic car – whichever you prefer. The licence you are issued with if you learn to drive in an automatic entitles you to drive an automatic car only.

However this is rarely an issue for drivers who learn in an automatic, as most makes and models of vehicle these days are available in both variations. It may only be an issue if you are looking for greater freedom of choice in choosing a car, as automatic vehicles tend to be newer and therefore can often be more expensive than an older manual car

This is our fantastic automatic car – the Toyota Yaris hybrid. It’s been specially chosen by us to make learning to drive easy, safe and fun. It’s an incredibly smooth drive –if you learn to drive in this car, you’ll be passing your test in no time.

The decision you make as to whether you’d like to learn in an automatic car or a manual car is completely up to you. If you require more information, you can always call us for advice.

Automatic Lessons in Stockport, Glossop, Macclesfield & Surrounding Areas

If you would like to have the experience of driving an automatic car or would like more information to ascertain whether learning in an automatic is for you, then please get in touch with us

0161 327 2105

Customer Reviews

Jordan Houston passed his test after taking automatic driving lessons with Geoff Capes

I choose Geoff Capes driving school as when searching for a driving instructor Geoff’s Capes customer reviews really recommended them as one of the top driving schools in the Macclesfield area. I’m glad I listened to the previous students and went ahead and booked my first lesson. I wanted to learn in an automatic vehicle this was the primary consideration when looking to book driving lessons.

Having had previous experience with another driving school, I was nervous and apprehensive before my first lesson. My driving instructor Ian’s teaching style was perfect for me so made the experience of my driving lessons enjoyable and the nerves soon went away.

Ian was the perfect driving instructor for me, on my first lesson I informed him I suffered from anxiety and Ian accommodated this within my driving lessons.
Ian’s teaching methods were perfect for me as it was constructive and engaging.  Nerves can get the better of you when behind the wheel of car but Ian built up my confidence as a driver.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School, it was a great experience and I managed to pass my practical test on the first attempt.

I can’t really recommend any changes and my experience was great and it allowed me to successfully pass my practical test on the first attempt.

Jordan Houston of Macclesfield


The main reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School was that I wanted to learn in an automatic car.

Have to be patient with me and understand what is my strength and challenges that I need to focus on rather than general teaching.
I didn’t think I will be able to get the road fear out of me so quickly. My lane discipline is my biggest challenge too. But now I have confidence to take my car on my own
My driving instructor was Mian Ali and initially I wasn’t sure how long I’ll take to get my licence, but after a few classes, he asked me to book for the test date a month later, which actually made a difference in my progress by targeting the deadline. Whenever I felt nervous, he talked me through and get back my focus. Patiently practiced me again and again until I am comfortable moving to the next one.

I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School due to the flexibility and prompt response and amazing instructors you have

Harine Vijaysampath of Macclesfield

Tolulope Tinuoye

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was because the school had a good reputation and the schedule was convenient and flexible enough for me to work with.

I was also looking for a school so I could do my driving lessons in an automatic car.

I found learning to drive was totally different than what I had expected.

I found my driving instructor Dave’s teaching methods to be excellent. He was very patient, enjoyed sharing his driving tips and gave constructive criticism.
I would recommend you to others because I have had a good experience with your instructor and I know the school is invested in producing good, safe drivers.

Tolulope Tinuoye of Macclesfield

Rachel Trotman

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was I was looking for someone who supplied automatic driving lessons.

I was looking for a driving instructor who would be patient, have knowledge and be understanding I got all of these with Dave. At first I was very nervous but Dave put me at ease and helped my confidence grow.

I found Dave’s teaching methods to be very simple and straight forward, they helped me a lot. I would highly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School especially the driving instructor Dave.

I feel that there are no improvements to be made I am very happy with the service I received.

Rachel Trotman of Chester

James Barry

I was looking for a driving school that offered automatic driving lessons.

Being an older awkward learner, a good rapport with the instructor was a deal breaker for me. Learning to drive was not something I was looking forward to, over the course of the driving lessons, that definitely changed.

My driving instructors methods were really good, I am really grateful Dave was my instructor. As an older learner I am not easy at all to teach. Dave was able to read, when to push me and when to encourage.

Would I recommend Geoff Capes Driving School Yes 100%. Nothing could be improved, the service was 1st class really grateful, a massive thanks to Dave!

James Barry of Bronnington

Wayne Gamble

It came up random about automatic learning to drive and I can honestly say I’m so happy that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School to teach me to drive and for Dave’s expertise and patience I cannot thank you enough, this will certainly change my life for the better thanks again.

Basically I got passed on to Dave my driving instructor and I never looked back from day one once again can’t thank him enough especially having to work around my work patterns as well.

I found learning to drive to be much easier I must say in an automatic rather than a manual. Absolutely first class and as well as his patience. These people have great experience and patience and will get you across the line.

All I can say is keep up the great work you’re doing the passes speak for themselves great company. Once again thanks to Geoff Capes Driving School and Dave you’re a star m8 cheers.

Wayne Gamble of Chester

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If you would like to book an automatic driving lesson or have any questions please call

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