Below are answers to some frequently asked questions, if you can’t find the answer to your question please get in touch.

You can start driving lessons when you are 17 years old.

No, you can apply for a licence before you are 17, but your licence will not be valid until the day of your 17th birthday.

You can apply for your provisional licence online, request a form from the DVLA or the form is available from selected Post Office branches.

No, although some pupils prefer to study and pass their Theory Test first as they feel more prepared. Many pupils combine their Theory Study with lessons to help reinforce their learning.

Yes we provide full access to Theory Test Pro to help you prepare for the test and you can ask your instructor any questions.

You will need both parts of your photo licence, glasses if you need them for driving and we would suggest comfortable footwear, not flip-flops or high heels.

The official DSA answer is 40-60 hours on average, however this depends on how quickly you learn, your natural aptitude, the quality of your driving lessons (ours are excellent) and the regularity of your lessons.

Yes, we offer automatic driving lessons in most areas. Please note if you pass your test in an automatic car you licence only allows you to drive automatic vehicles.

Weekend and evening lessons are available, please contact us for availability.

Yes, you will take your test in your instructors car.

Yes, we will assess your skills and your instructor will help you remedy any problems or overcome your nerves to get you ready for your test.

It is completely normal to be anxious about learning to drive, our team of instructors are patient, understanding and have strategies in place to help you build your confidence. We have also teamed with the Confident Drivers scheme who provide resources, support and exercises to help reduce your nerves or stress.  Your lessons will be structured to help you work at your own pace.

It is understandable that new learners who feel they are more anxious than normal should think it may take them longer to learn, however, learning to drive can be fun and our instructors will support you, so you should find there is no significant difference in the number of lesson you will need and for those who are more confident.

Foreign licence holders from countries specified on the DVLA website are generally allowed to drive in the UK for 12 months, but have to pass a test before this time elapses to continue to drive as a full licence holder.

You can go to and search for a time, date and test centre to suit you.

Yes, so long as you are over 17 we will teach you to drive. It’s not just the young that learn, we have clients of all ages and will help you learn and pass your test.

If you would like to book a driving lesson or have any questions call

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