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At Geoff Capes Driving School our ethos is centred around customer success. Your success is our success – so we ensure that our practice and way of working is structured to provide students with the perfect environment in which to learn to drive. Embarking on driving lessons (whether for the first time or as a revisit later in life) can be daunting for a variety of reasons.

We understand this, which is why we employ different methods tailored to each learner – all tried and tested to ensure that they make learning to drive simpler and more enjoyable.

We appreciate that patience, clarity and a personable demeanour are incredibly important whilst learning to drive – so each and every one of our instructors possess these natural qualities and plenty of up to date qualifications to enable them to support you fully at every step of the way – guaranteeing customer success every time.

Below you can see some examples of our customer success – testimonials from satisfied learners who we are proud to say passed their tests with flying colours.

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What was the MAIN reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School?
I wanted to learn an automatic car and Geoff was the best I could find.

What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your driving instructor / school?
A good calm and patient instructor which I got.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
Was much better than I expected.

How did you find your instructor’s teaching methods?
Very good. He is a very good teacher. I liked his methods to learn manoeuvres.

Would you recommend us to others and if so WHY?
I would because they will get a good instructor who would build their confidence.

What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?
Nothing I can think of.

Chris Ann Rocha of Bagillt
13th March 2020

Chris Ann Rocha

What was the MAIN reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School?
Firstly I chose to do a Pass Me Fast course as I was heavily pregnant and needed to pass ASAP. So I ended up with Ian and I couldn’t thank him enough. Plus I chose automatic which I heard of the good ratings too.

What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your driving instructor / school?
As I mentioned I chose pass me fast as I needed to pass sooner than later and massive block bookings of 4hrs was beneficial to me.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
I was taught in a way that suited me, Ian my driving instructor helped me where I needed it most with manoeuvres etc, building my confidence too.

How did you find your instructor’s teaching methods?
Excellent I couldn’t fault him, like rhymes to remember certain things I.e. Grandad & stop for a block!

Would you recommend us to others and if so WHY?
I would highly recommend Ian because you will get what you pay for and that’s good teaching & honesty.

What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?
I can’t fault the service that I had.

Emily Frost of Macclesfield
18th February 2020

Emily Frost

What was the MAIN reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School?
I had a bad experience with previous instructor.

What OTHER factors were important to you when choosing your driving instructor / school?
Professionalism and reputation, success rate.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
Great experience with Ian my driving instructor getting me up to speed. and passing my test.

How did you find your instructor’s teaching methods?
Straightforward and quick to understand the missing skills to pass.

Would you recommend us to others and if so WHY?
Good clear guidance and gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass my test.

What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?
Nothing – it was exactly as needed.

Jintana Allen of Macclesfield
16th February 2020

Jintana Allen

What was the MAIN reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School?
I was looking for a driving school that did automatic driving lessons in Stockport and that were available, who were near to my place of work and flexible on pick up locations.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
I was terrified. I’d had previous lessons with another driving school and really didn’t like them. I honestly thought I would never get my licence. The lessons challenged me, but Ian my driving instructor made the learning process so much easier. I actually ended up enjoying my lessons.

How did you find your instructor’s teaching methods?
Ian was fantastic. He has about 28 different ways of explaining everything, meaning that if I didn’t grasp something the first time I would get it eventually. He also really helped me to build up my confidence and understood where I was coming from and my main obstacles.

Would you recommend us to others and if so WHY?
I would recommend Ian to anyone, if it wasn’t for him and his patience I wouldn’t have my licence now.

Helen Bedford of Stockport
11th February 2020

Helen Bedford

I had a few instructors in the past and I found them to be time wasters, then I found Geoff Capes Driving school. I passed my test in three months.

Instructors was excellent esp Mian Ali.

I found learning to drive with this company to be excellent.

This company I would highly recommended.

Nazia Shfiq of Stockport
5th February 2020

Nazia Shfiq

I saw a lot of good reviews on the website and got a good initial response from the company.

I have driven for many years in another country. I explained this to Ian and he was happy to help to ensure I passed the test here. He pointed out any bad habits I had developed over the years highlighting specific things that examiners will look for.

Ian is a experienced driving instructor and was very patient from the start. He suggested specific techniques that I was unaware of and will continue to use in the future.

Maurice Gordon of Stockport
1st February 2020

Maurice Gordan

The main reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School was that I had received recommendations from numerous people.

I needed a driving instructor who was patient and understood how to cope with a very nervous driver.

I didn’t think I would struggle with my nerves as much as I did, but so glad I persevered with my driving lessons and finally passed.

Andy’s teaching methods were very good and easy to follow/remember.

I liked the routine of having my driving lessons on the same set days/times each week. It helped with the continuity which is what I needed being such a nervous driver. Andy was patient with me and understood the things that made me most nervous.

Alice Hopkin of Macclesfield
29th January 2020

Alice Hopkin

I chose Geoff Capes driving school as you have a  large presence in the town, and being a gentleman of a certain age, I remember your namesake competing in the shot in the 1970’s. I’m sure your younger students do not make that connection, but it reminded me of my youth, and I chose you.

I found the learning to drive easier, the theory test was more of a learning curve.

Mian my driving instructor was superb, very calm and professional. His attention to the smallest details helped me pass first time at the age of 52!
We always did a bit of theory regarding the manoeuvres we would be covering in each lesson before we set off. Then there was a re-cap at the next lesson of what we had covered. A methodical approach to learning is how I would describe it, and it really worked for me. On a personal note, I will miss Mian, he was a lovely gentleman and I very much enjoyed his company.

A great all-round service, backed up with text alerts, great instruction and a professional attitude.

I honestly cannot think of anything you could do to improve, I really enjoyed the experience (after my initial panic subsided).

Stuart Kirk-Lockley of Macclesfield
27th January 2020

Stuart Kirk Lockley

I chose Geoff Capes driving school as when searching for a driving instructor Geoff’s Capes customer reviews really recommended them as one of the top driving schools in the Macclesfield area. I’m glad I listened to the previous students and went ahead and booked my first lesson. I wanted to learn in an automatic vehicle this was the primary consideration when looking to book driving lessons.

Having had previous experience with another driving school, I was nervous and apprehensive before my first lesson. My driving instructor Ian’s teaching style was perfect for me so made the experience of my driving lessons enjoyable and the nerves soon went away.

Ian was the perfect driving instructor for me, on my first lesson I informed him I suffered from anxiety and Ian accommodated this within my driving lessons.
Ian’s teaching methods were perfect for me as it was constructive and engaging.  Nerves can get the better of you when behind the wheel of car but Ian built up my confidence as a driver.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School, it was a great experience and I managed to pass my practical test on the first attempt.

I can’t really recommend any changes and my experience was great and it allowed me to successfully pass my practical test on the first attempt.

Jordan Houston of Macclesfield
24th January 2020

Jordan Houston

The main reason for choosing Geoff Capes Driving School was that I wanted to learn in an automatic car

Have to be patient with me and understand what is my strength and challenges that I need to focus on rather than general teaching.
I didn’t think I will be able to get the road fear out of me so quickly. My lane discipline is my biggest challenge too. But now I have confidence to take my car on my own
My driving instructor was Mian Ali and initially I wasn’t sure how long I’ll take to get my licence, but after a few classes, he asked me to book for the test date a month later, which actually made a difference in my progress by targeting the deadline. Whenever I felt nervous, he talked me through and get back my focus. Patiently practiced me again and again until I am comfortable moving to the next one.
I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School due to the flexibility and prompt response and amazing instructors you have

Harine Vijaysampath of Macclesfield
24th January 2020

Harine Vijaysampath

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was because the school had a good reputation and the schedule was convenient and flexible enough for me to work with.

I was also looking for a school so I could do my driving lessons in an automatic car.

I found learning to drive was totally different than what I had expected.

I found my driving instructor Dave’s teaching methods to be excellent. He was very patient, enjoyed sharing his driving tips and gave constructive criticism.
I would recommend you to others because I have had a good experience with your instructor and I know the school is invested in producing good, safe drivers.

Tolulope Tinuoye of Macclesfield
12th January 2020

Tolulope Tinuoye

The main reason I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was all the customer reviews on the website.

I decided a decade ago I would never learn to drive due to an unsafe experience. Then a year ago on a whim I decided I would try again and it hasn’t been without difficulty. I understand instructors are human, but my first instructor after a decade took over my driving mid lesson to run an errand they forgot to do! Respect and feeling safe is massively important to me and if you’re paying someone for their time and expertise, they should provide it. I did find someone else and then when I moved to Macclesfield continued.

I read through several reviews of driving schools, the way schools responded to complaints etc (always very telling) and decided to go with Geoff Capes. I got the impression from their reviews that they were safe, patient and kind.

I was a nervous driver when I started to learn and failed my first test before I moved to Macclesfield. I’ve had instructors who were aggressive or would tut rather than tell me what I did wrong. My last instructor in Bristol was brilliant, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to pass before I moved. Learning was a mixed bag, so I expected it to be difficult to find an instructor I got on with, and was expecting to be looking quite a while.

I was really lucky to have been offered lessons with Amanda my driving instructor when I first approached the school. Compared to expectations, it was thankfully quite stress-free.

How did you find your instructor’s teaching methods?
Amanda is patient, informative and knowledgeable. Like my previous instructor, she focused a lot on my confidence after it was clear that I had the necessary level of skill. She signed me up to Confident Drivers too, to help me with my confidence around driving – which helped! She wasn’t dogmatic either – she never suggested there wasn’t only one way to learn how to do a manoeuvre – as long as it was safe and legal there was scope to complete manoeuvres in various different ways. Amanda very much helped me get into the mindset of being a responsive driver who plans and reacts appropriately.

As a result of Amanda’s teaching, I passed my practical test in December 2019!

The reviews speak for themselves – intelligent, patient, respectful, treat each student as an individual with individual needs and learning styles.

Rimi Hussain of Macclesfield
11th January 2020

Rimi Hussain

The main reason I chose Geoff Capes Driving school was that it was recommended to me by a friend.

I found the driving school to be friendly, good pass rates and good value for money.

I found my driving instructor Amanda’s teaching methods to be really useful, we always focused and worked on aspects of driving that I struggled with so every driving lesson felt productive I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to anybody who asked as they offered good value, friendly driving instructors and excellent teaching methods.

Niamh Middlemass of Macclesfield
3rd January 2020

Niamh Middlemass

I was recommend Geoff Capes Driving School through a friend who had recently passed with the help from one of the instructors.

The thought of driving made me very nervous, and I didn’t really have the buzz for it, but knew if I was to drive it would make me so much more independent, so I wanted someone who would be calm and patient with me.
Learning to drive was definitely easier than I expected after driving lessons with Amanda my driving instructor.

Amanda’s teaching ethics were amazing, she made me feel calm whilst driving as well as making sure I’m alert at all times. As I started from no driving experience what’s so ever she really helped me to figure it all out.
I would definitely recommend this driving school to any friends or family that I know who are wanting drive.

Imogen Walker of Stockport
31st December 2019

Imogen Walker

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was I was looking for someone who supplied automatic driving lessons.

I was looking for a driving instructor who would be patient, have knowledge and be understanding I got all of these with Dave. At first I was very nervous but Dave put me at ease and helped my confidence grow.

I found Dave’s teaching methods to be very simple and straight forward, they helped me a lot. I would highly recommend Geoff Capes driving school especially the driving instructor Dave.

I feel that there are no improvements to be made I am very happy with the service I received.

Rachel Trotman of Chester
4th December 2019

Rachel Trotman

I chose Geoff Capes Driving School originally from looking at other people’s reviews and the pass rates I saw online.

I was a very nervous flappy starter to driving and I needed someone with patience and who would help me overcome the fear of being behind the wheel.  Learning to drive was easier than I thought it would be, with the right driving instructor (Ian) I soon felt at ease and confident.

I found Ian was fantastic at helping me build my confidence and used lots of different phrases to help my driving, Ian used jigsaw puzzle pieces as a reference of every manoeuvre and every new thing I learnt was another puzzle piece added, lots of things Ian said made a massive help. If I did something wrong he’d make me aware in such a positive way and it wouldn’t be held onto, the mistake would be gone and I never made that same one again. We built a good friendship I felt very comfortable, always looked forward to the next lesson, and I think Ian’s teaching methods are the best in Macclesfield! Came a long way from where I started and it’s all thanks to Ian’s teaching methods!

I would 10000% recommend to others, I already have with friends looking to start driving. To be honest there’s not one thing I think you could improve!

Katie Burgess of Macclesfield
23rd  November 2019

Katie Burgess

I was looking for a driving school that offered automatic driving lessons.

Being an older awkward learner, a good rapport with the instructor was a deal breaker for me. Learning to drive was not something I was looking forward to, over the course of the driving lessons, that definitely changed.

My driving instructors methods were really good, I am really grateful Dave was my instructor. As an older learner I am not easy at all to teach. Dave was able to read, when to push me and when to encourage.

Would I recommend Geoff Capes Driving School Yes 100%. Nothing could be improved, the service was 1st class really grateful, a massive thanks to Dave!

James Barry of Bronnington
16th November 2019

James Barry

It came up random about automatic learning to drive and I can honestly say I’m so happy that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School to teach me to drive and for Dave’s expertise and patience I cannot thank you enough, this will certainly change my life for the better thanks again.

Basically I got passed on to Dave my driving instructor and I never looked back from day one once again can’t thank him enough especially having to work around my work patterns as well.

I found learning to drive to be much easier I must say in an automatic rather than a manual. Absolutely first class and as well as his patience. These people have great experience and patience and will get you across the line.

All I can say is keep up the great work you’re doing the passes speak for themselves great company. Once again thanks to Geoff Capes Driving School and Dave you’re a star m8 cheers.

Wayne Gamble of Chester
12th November 2019

Wayne Gamble

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was I was looking for a automatic instructor and Geoff Capes was recommended via another school,
customer reviews were extremely important as I previously had an instructor that didn’t suit me. Also I’m an older learner with health conditions so I needed empathetic instructors.

Learning to drive I found it was a lot harder than I anticipated, but at the same time not as scary as it had felt when I was younger. Some of which was down to my own confidence but mainly the way my instructor broke it all down.

Absolutely outstanding can’t praise Ian my driving instructor enough. Due to my health I do have trouble with retaining information and remembering info so I found his methods of breaking each step down into bite size jigsaw pieces much easier to absorb and keep in my head. Plus his stories and sayings helped.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School oh absolutely! Without a doubt.
Don’t change anything what you’re doing it works.

Joanne Kelly of Wilmslow
23rd October 2019

Joanne Kelly

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was I was looking for  automatic driving lessons.

Another factor was that they were good, calm and knowledgeable. ( I’d had some bad instructors in the past that had made me lose my confidence).

The teaching methods were fantastic! Dave my driving instructor was taking me to drive somewhere different than Widnes allowed me to follow signs and get confidence in being able to drive. Not just pass my test in an area I knew!

Chantel Bellew of Widnes
7th October 2019

Chantel Bellew

The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was that I wanted to learn in an automatic and had heard from a friend they were very good, very patient and friendly.

I had tried over the years with previous driving instructors and never felt a connection. With Ian, he made me feel at ease straight away. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He brought out the confidence in me. I found learning to drive to be a lot easier than I first thought. Ian’s teaching methods were spot on. He was friendly, calming, patient, firm and witty all rolled into one. He knew how nervous I was but soon made me realise I could do it.

I think the driving school is fantastic. I would recommend 100%. Friendly, and lessons were fun.

I personally would say you don’t need to improve anything. I couldn’t fault anything.

Katie Walton of Bollington
7th October 2019

Katie Walton

I chose Geoff Capes a couple of years ago after doing some research and saw that Geoff Capes were highly rated by other candidates who had recently passed. I had a gap in my driving and returned back to Geoff Capes this year as I felt comfortable with my driving instructor Amanda and her techniques were brilliant.

It was important that I had an instructor who was patient, friendly, honest and gave constructive feedback where needed. When I was learning to drive it definitely met my expectations, I got all the support I needed and assistance with driving.

Amanda my instructor has been brilliant throughout, she has been very kind, understanding, precise supportive, friendly which made me feel comfortable and at ease. Amanda would also give feedback both positive and constructive. Her techniques were very good she would explain to you if something went wrong somewhere and she made it look it so simple. Definitely would recommend Amanda and the company.

Excellent customer service right from the start until the end, understanding, patient and great instructor. Nothing could be improved, everything was brilliant and perfect.

Rukaya Sajid of Macclesfield
5th October 2019

Rukaya Sajid

I was looking for automatic driving lessons and I read lot of good reviews about Geoff Capes driving school on the website.

When I chose the driving school the key thing I considered was customer review and I was really impressed with this driving school.

I found learning to drive to be more difficult than I first thought.

I had lessons with Dave and Ian and both were very supportive and taught me in their own ways. Dave’s teaching methods are really good, he was very patient with me and each lesson we had a clear structure and whatever I was struggling with we would pick up in the next lesson. Ian is firmer he used to say, he understood my nervousness and gave me lot of tips to control nerves and step by step techniques to complete manoeuvres.

I would highly recommend Geoff Capes Driving school to others due to the reason, they are very supportive, they understand the weakness and providing excellent service to overcome it especially Dave & Ian, can learn how to drive safe and efficient not only from test perspective but for life time.

Rajasaranya of Macclesfield
30th September 2019

Rajasaanya Nararajan
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