We have lots of satisfied customers

At Geoff Capes Driving School our ethos is centred around customer success. Your success is our success – so we ensure that our practice and way of working is structured to provide students with the perfect environment in which to learn to drive. Embarking on driving lessons (whether for the first time or as a revisit later in life) can be daunting for a variety of reasons.

We understand this, which is why we employ different methods tailored to each learner – all tried and tested to ensure that they make learning to drive simpler and more enjoyable.

We appreciate that patience, clarity and a personable demeanour are incredibly important whilst learning to drive – so each and every one of our instructors possesses these natural qualities and plenty of up to date qualifications to enable them to support you fully at every step of the way – guaranteeing customer success every time.

Below you can see some examples of our customer success – testimonials from satisfied learners who we are proud to say passed their tests with flying colours.

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If you have passed your test with us, we would really appreciate it if you would leave your feedback on our service.

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I needed to be able to learn in an automatic and fit the hours in when the kids were at school. I needed someone patient and calm, and Geoff ticked all these boxes.

I also needed it to be affordable and the reduction in cost that you get when paying for 10 lessons up front, made it this.

I loved learning to drive and really enjoyed my driving lessons it wasn’t as stressful as I thought it would be.

I was very happy with Geoff my driving instructors teaching methods, he explained everything very clearly.

I would recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to anybody who asks.

I was very impressed with the level of service I received from the very start up to me passing my driving test.

Beth Crowcroft of Marple

It was important for me to find a driving instructor who I could easily get along with and feel I could have a laugh with, without a negative or tense atmosphere during my lessons.

It was also important that I’d find somebody who could clearly explain things and understand what I was asking without me feeling judged.

There was a lot more to driving than I could have expected but with the right instructor, I was able to quickly understand and learn about it all.

Paul is a fantastic driving instructor with a laid back attitude that will make you feel comfortable, even in nervous situations where you may have gone wrong. He’ll make the driving lessons enjoyable and get to know you as a person, so you feel at ease every lesson.

Paul is a great laugh and the least judgemental driving instructor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Nothing to improve on. You were always able to work around mine and others personal lives and ensure we were all getting our lesson and money’s worth every week.

Dani Hicks of Stockport


I was looking for a driving school that could work around my schedule with my daughter and with affordable prices.

When I rang up to enquire the attitude on the phone made me want to join your driving school, you were very polite and sounded happy and welcoming. Instantly made my mind up once I had the phone call of enquiry, you assured me you could work around my daughter as I’m a single mother and even offered my child to be present on days I could not get a babysitter which made the whole process less stressful.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
I didn’t expect to get along with my driving instructor like I did and to feel so relaxed! I started learning with the attitude that I would be awful at driving and I wasn’t good enough to pass, but Dave gave me the confidence I didn’t know I had and I enjoyed all my driving lessons instead of dreading them. Every lesson was enjoyable and also learnt so much throughout each lesson.

Excellent, the way Dave explains and reassure you made me more confident. He explained them in a way I would understand and if I didn’t get something I wasn’t scared to admit it. Anything I struggled on he would focus on or any other areas of learning I felt unconfident in. He let me take charge in things I wanted to go over for my own piece of mind. As well his calmness made me calm, as well as being approachable it made my lessons more enjoyable that I could speak to my instructor.

You got me to pass first time in 4/5 months which I thought was impossible- you take pride in passing your students and put your full attention and efforts into your students within the lessons. Also when I started I was really unconfident and scared of doing things but the way you teach made me progress so quick because of the confidence Dave had in me. He kept reassuring I was a good driver and I could do it even when I was sure I couldn’t!

I really can’t think of anything to improve the service, the whole team have been amazing especially Dave! Cannot thank him enough for helping me get to where I am! You passed me in 4/5 months first time when I was certain I would fail and it was too soon, but his belief in me as well as his teaching skills made it all come together and we pulled it off! I miss my driving lessons which sums it up really, definitely recommend this driving school!

Bethany Topham of Macclesfield


I was looking for a driving school which offered affordable lessons with local drivers and good communication with members of staff.

Honestly, it was exactly as I had expected it to be because I was into cars prior to even learning so as soon as I started driving it just felt normal.

Paul was a great driving instructor it was easy to learn from my mistakes and his calm collected attitude in regards to my learning created a great atmosphere in which I looked forward to each lesson. 10/10 instructor.

I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School they offered affordable driving lessons, great instructors and very good communications with members of staff at the office.

Honestly, the service was really good I don’t really think you could improve on anything I certainly don’t have any complaints.

Luke Maidment of Stockport


I was looking for a driving instructor who would make me feel at ease and not more nervous when driving, as I was already terrified!

It had to be in an automatic car and the driving lessons needed to be in the evenings or on weekends due to work commitments.

How did learning to drive compare to what you expected?
I have tried to learn to drive in the past but could never get through the nerves, this time around with a great instructor and an automatic car, it was fantastic!

I found Geoff’s teaching methods to be clear and easy to follow.

I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School because the instructor makes you feel at ease and that you CAN drive and you WILL eventually get there, no matter how many lessons it takes. Also, there aren’t many automatic driving instructors so being able to have the choice with this driving school is really refreshing.

Hollie Heaton of Stockport


The most important thing for me when choosing a driving instructor/driving school was that they could provide evening lessons so I could fit it around my work and university schedule.

It was important to me that the school also offered automatic driving lessons as I had tried manual lessons when I first turned 17 and could not get the hang of it so I was really keen to try automatic, and Geoff Capes did this also.

Learning in an automatic car with Geoff was great, I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t driven in a long time, however, it was very easy to get to grips with and learning in an automatic was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It allowed me to focus on my driving lessons without confusing myself with a clutch, and Geoff was very patient with me which definitely helped.

Geoff was a very informative and efficient teacher, always polite and patient with me if I didn’t quite get something right first time. He was very good at making sure we practised everything equally and then focusing on specific areas I needed to focus more on which really helped.

I think the flexibility and variety of options that Geoff Capes Driving School provides is a key selling point of the company, and my experience with Geoff was nothing but pleasant so I have no reason not to recommend.

There is no specific improvements I can suggest, a very well-rounded company!

Megan Thomason of Stockport


When I was looking for a driving school I was looking for certain things such as available time slots (out of office hours/evenings) and price.

Other reasons were how comfortable I felt with my driving instructor and whether I found them pushy as I have previously had with other driving schools.

The learning to drive experience was I think as I expected it to be, easier than it was and to have fewer things to learn that I did.

Dave’s teaching methods were methodical, clear- teaching methods made it easy for me to measure my progress, to grasp new things and to see which areas needed improvement.

Geoff Capes Driving School have friendly instructors, efficient systems for tracking progress, quite a good range of times and dates available for lessons particularly if you work full time

Lucy Price of Macclesfield


To find a driving instructor who would help me with my confidence and help me relax and transfer that into learning to drive.

It was important that I could learn to drive around my other engagements on days and times that suited me.

There were a lot more aspects to driving than I originally thought there was, from thinking about mirrors to gear changes. A lot to think about at once at the start but the act of driving got a lot easier through the weeks of learning.

Paul is a great instructor, his relaxed attitude helped me to stay calm even when sometimes things didn’t go to plan and knowing that at any time I could go back to any aspect I didn’t fully understand or needed more practice on really helped to ease any pressure!

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes driving school and Paul to anybody thinking of learning to drive, his lessons made me more confident in my driving lessons as each week went by. The one element that made me put off learning for a while was worrying about who I was going to be taught by and on day one that worry went away!

I wouldn’t improve anything. From the instructor to the lessons, the experience of learning to drive was very enjoyable!

Rebecca Baker of Stockport


I was searching for a driving school that had experienced driving instructors.

Also, I was looking for a school that had a competitive price and also had instructors with patience and knowledge.

I found my driving lessons to be much more pleasant and interesting than I thought it would be.

I found my driving instructor Amanda’s teaching methods made it much easier to learn.

I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving School, the quality of the service was excellent, just everything was perfect  for me

I found everything to be of a high standard from the office to the driving instructor.

Milos Mrksic of Macclesfield


I think the most important thing is finding a driving Instructor who you feel comfortable with and won’t worry about voicing any issues or problems. My instructor Amanda made me feel as though I could always ask any questions I needed to.

Also, I think price matters and the prices for my lessons were very good as you can get a lower price for blocks of ten.

I expected that learning to drive would be very nerve racking but I believe being with Geoff Capes Driving School helped me to settle into my driving lessons much more quickly.

Amanda’s teaching methods really suited my style of learning as we would focus on certain things at the start but as I progressed she would pick up on things I needed help with and always asked my opinion.

I would recommend Geoff Capes driving school to everyone wanting to learn to drive because they are very professional but also extremely friendly.

Holly Malins of Bollington


Paul gave me a lot more confidence when I was driving which enabled me to pass my test!

It was important that I could get along with Paul my driving instructor and that I felt relaxed when having my driving lessons.

It was less nerve racking than I thought it would be

Paul was so calm and relaxed when teaching me to drive and always helped me to get over any problems I faced when driving.

I would certainly recommend Paul of Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone as he built my confidence and helped me with everything!

Leah Walsh of Denton


The most important factor in choosing a driving instructor was finding someone with patience, as I needed someone who would be able to teach me at my pace – I had been recommended this driving instructor exactly for that reason.

I needed someone that I could relate to, and Steve certainly was. I also appreciated that this was a local company, as it feels more personal than using one of the larger national driving schools.

I didn’t think that the lessons would be as much fun as they were!

I’ve had a few driving lessons in the past but, for various reasons, never got to driving test standard. From the first lesson, I felt more at ease than I had done in the past. I was encouraged to ask questions when I didn’t understand something. Steve gave regular feedback, both positive and constructive, during the lesson and also recapping at the end.

I would recommend the driving school and Steve as the lessons were high quality and very good value for money.
enhance your learning experience with us?
Nothing I can think of.

Kate Moore of Denton


I wanted a calm and encouraging driving instructor as I was very nervous even when thinking about driving!

I also wanted an automatic car to drive in as I did try a manual at another driving school but felt very uncomfortable in that.

I found that it was my nerves were holding me back when learning to drive, but my instructor, Ian, really helped me with it. I knew I’d be a nervous learner, but I became more and more confident.

Ian was a great instructor. He was calm and explained things very well (one turn does plenty!). I liked the fact that he was interested in the psychology of the learner driver, as he understood why I was nervous and how to improve my confidence because of this. He was also honest, and would say if I made a mistake and how I could have done something better. This no doubt improved my driving and I trusted his judgement and skill as a teacher.

I found that the driving school was very well organized and every contact I had with them was pleasant and went smoothly. They even wished me a happy birthday!
I would recommend Ian too, to anyone learning to drive.

Elizabeth of Macclesfield


I was looking for a local driving instructor who knew the area since (at least in the short term) it’s where most of my driving will occur.

Patience is definitely a virtue – it has taken me a while to get here.

I had had driving lessons a while ago, so I knew something of what I was getting into.

Paul’s teaching was patient and thorough – not just ‘here’s how to pass the test’ but more background, and inspired the confidence to be able to relax into driving well rather than nervously.

If Paul Curtis is anything to go by, I would definitely recommend this driving school.

If I had to find fault (and this is definitely scraping the barrel territory) then find a way to practice under poor conditions might be good (at least towards the latter stages of learning) – although I don’t know how that could be arranged, and whether it could sensibly be done on public roads would be open to question.

Ben Knights of Heaton Moor


My sister had used Geoff Capes driving school and spoke very highly of her instructor and so I made the decision to use the same school.

I wanted a school close to me which offered automatic teaching.

I was surprised by the level of skill necessary to drive, Ian my driving instructor certainly helped me to reach this level of skill.

I found being in a car with Ian thoroughly entertaining, he teaches through sarcasm and wit, he can make you realize how stupid some of your mistakes were, but most importantly he will do everything he can to help you correct an issue

Absolutely, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Geoff Capes Driving School and will certainly recommend to any friends starting learning to drive.

Joel Walsh of Bramhall


I was looking for a good driving school with experienced instructors who had good feedback and results.

The driving school had to teach automatic driving lessons.

Ian my driving instructor was amazing! He had such a calming way of teaching and I learnt so so much from him. He has a fabulous way of teaching and explaining things and his guidance builds masses of confidence.  He didn’t just teach me to drive to pass my test he taught me how to drive safely and deal with difficult situations and how to overcome nerves and panic.

Ian was fab, such a lovely guy and so patient and understanding. He knew the way my mind worked very quickly into lessons and advised me on so many areas of driving I was so uncomfortable with.  His teaching methods and his explanations were so easy to understand.

I can’t fault anything about this driving school, they are very efficient and organized and made learning to drive fun and exciting.

There is nothing that needs to be improved in my opinion. I just want to thank Ian so much for all his help I will really miss him 🙂

Lauren Ricci of Stockport


My most important criteria was to have a car with automatic transmission.

Cost and the flexibility of being able to have my lessons on a weekend.

I already knew how to drive, but being from the USA, I lacked the confidence at first to drive here. But with Geoff’s help, I soon felt more comfortable.

I found Geoff’s teaching methods to be clear and very easy to understand. He was so patient with me and was enjoyable company as well!

Reasonable price, accommodating lesson times, confidence building and they don’t push you into taking your test before you’re ready.

I was very pleased with my experience and have no particular thing that I think needs improvement.

Andrea Clapham of Bredbury


I ultimately needed to learn and pass fast for work. I needed a driving license as soon as possible for work.

I wanted a driving instructor with whom I could get along with and make me feel comfortable and who could build my confidence behind the wheel.

Learning to drive was not as straightforward as I thought. I had 2 other instructors from a different driving school before Geoff and found it harder to learn from the 2 previous instructors. I realized that having a good instructor who suits your learning style is very important.

I enjoyed Geoff’s teaching methods and learnt fast with Geoff. I find them easy to understand and more importantly, they were effective.

Yes, definitely I would recommend Geoff Capes Driving School.

Lovelyn Goh of Edgeley


The most important thing was being able to be comfortable with my driving instructor someone who was close by and affordable for me.

The driving school I was looking for had to have an automatic car

It was a lot easier than I first thought, but a lot of that I think was because I had a great teacher.

Geoff’s teaching methods were simple and easy to understand and quick to master.

I would recommend Geoff Capes Driving School because he amazing at what he does and is affordable and he is also understanding.

There was nothing better you could have done for my learning you were patient and very helpful which put me at ease straight away in my driving lessons.

Shannon Cooke of Brinnington


The most important criteria for me when choosing who to take my lessons with came down to mostly what quality teaching I could be given, for the right reasonable price. Geoff Capes delivers this in my opinion and is the perfect driving school to accompany you on your learner driving experience

I would also say another important factor when deciding who take my lessons with, was having the ability to be flexible and suited to my needs if needed. There were situations where my driving instructor, Amanda, gave me an understanding and flexible approach around my driving lessons and related aspects and this makes the whole process feel a lot more comfortable and suited to you.

I would say that learning to drive, safely and properly at that, certainly took a lot more time than what I expected to. With my first outlook on how long it would take for me to be ready to pass my test within the next following months, changed to in fact taking over a good 6-7 months before I was at the level to where I was a safe and capable driver. I feel that taking longer and putting in the time to learn properly is very important and I became aware of this as my driving lessons progressed. It will also save you the risk of thinking you’re ready to soon, and then end up wasting your money on test day expenses just because you are eager to drive. You are preparing yourself for a lifetime of driving there’s no rush

Amanda, my driving instructor’s teaching methods, we’re something I must give her credit for. I was taught in a way that not only made you completely aware of road safety and the methods to drive properly, but I was also thoroughly talked through the reasons behind everything and given clear examples when appropriate. This ultimately lead to me having a lot of road safety and proper driving techniques drilled into me so that it came as almost 2nd nature when placed in real driving situations.

I would recommend Geoff Capes driving school to others, as they are a very friendly and enjoyable company to be with. You can be given a driving instructor with them and know you are receiving the correct professional guidance and teachings that any learning driver should receive. They make you feel comfortable and is the type of driving school you want when it comes down to being taught the correct and safe way to drive. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself! I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

This is something that I would have to be picky to bring up as there is truly not much of a bad word I can say about Geoff Capes driving school. When thinking about it, the only thing I could possibly say that could be used as an improvement in my own opinion, would be to of had the ability to try out different time and weather scenarios more frequently. It would have been nice to have tried driving around at night, even though I will make clear my lessons were set in the day time, and to have driven in various weather conditions more often than I did, just to vary my driving experiences a bit more than they did.

Swaran Simpson of Heaton Chapell


I was looking for a calm and patient instructor who would explain things clearly. Stephen focused on positive feedback. He made me feel confident about my test but also about my driving generally.

I am grateful to Stephen and would recommend him and Geoff Capes Driving School to other learners.

Alex Bashforth of Stockport


I was looking for a driving instructor who was friendly and local to where I live.

I was looking for a driving school who gave me value for money.

I found learning to drive was really hard and a lot more complicated than I had expected but my instructor Amanda was fantastic.

Amanda was brilliant especially on my test day, she talked me through it and gave me the confidence to go for it, she was friendly positive and very helpful and if I struggled with a manoeuvre we repeated it until it was mastered, she was a wonderful teacher.

Reasonable prices and I passed first time so for me Amanda’s teaching methods paid off fantastically, so I would totally recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone.

There is nothing you can do to improve the customer service I found it to be excellent.

Lindsay Stewart-Grove of Hazel Grove


Building a relationship with the driving instructor. Being able to learn in an automatic and to be taught by someone who builds your confidence on a weekly basis…I got all that with Geoff.

Cost and location were important when I was deciding which driving school to go with.

Far exceeded all expectations – I got a link to Theory practice questions and hazard test. This was invaluable leading up to my theory and was a very easy to use programme. It kept track of my progress and I was able to see area’s I needed to do more work on. Result – theory passed 1st time.
I actually looked forward to every driving lesson and really enjoyed driving.
To be fair to Geoff it can’t be easy getting an 8 month pregnant women through her lessons and test!!

My instructor was very calm and easy to follow. Geoff takes your lead and always asks do you want you to do more of, as well as following the basic instructions

I would absolutely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School!! Why?? Because I passed 😆

Nothing could have been done to improve the service, I got regular text reminders. Geoff either picked me up from home or work.

There’s a part of me going to miss our Friday evening trips out.

Thank you all at Geoff Capes Driving School.

Nicky Owens of Macclesfield


When choosing a driving school the most important criteria for me was being able to learn in an automatic car and also having a patient driving instructor.

It was very important for me to find an instructor who worked with me and who would assist me to build on my confidence.

Initially, I used a different driving school and found difficulty in building confidence, when I moved to Geoff Capes Driving School I began to enjoy the experience.

I was very impressed with my instructors teaching methods, I feel Ian took on board how I wanted to learn and worked very well with me to develop this.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School, before starting my lessons with Ian my confidence was extremely knocked and after around 11 hours of lessons I had built that back up and developed a complete competency with driving, resulting in passing my driving test on my first attempt.

I do not feel anything could have been done better, 10/10 experience.

Thomas Worthington of Wilmslow


I think the most important thing was how highly recommended they are and family or friends who have used Geoff Capes Driving School.

I was looking for a driving school that could match my availability and teaching hours

My learning to drive experience was more complicated than I originally thought, but my instructor Paul Curtis did a good job explaining everything to me by using different teaching methods such as apps or laminated diagrams.

My driving instructors teaching methods differ from anyone’s that I’ve heard of by using multiple apps and laminated diagrams or even having satellite views of different junctions to explain them to you. He tries his hardest to make you feel safe and get you talking so you feel comfortable and fills you with confidence as you drive, he is always in a happy mood and if you don’t understand something he is very understanding and can explain things to you in multiple ways.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to family and friends. It was easy and my instructor would make you feel comfortable and shows true passion in what he teaches.

I wouldn’t change anything I found the customer service to be excellent.

Louis Gregory of Stockport


After a bad experience with the previous school that I chose randomly, this time I went with a friend’s recommendation and I wasn’t disappointed.

The interest and understanding of where I’m coming from, of what I need to focus on, along with the friendly and positive approach were major factors in helping me pass.

More or less aligned with my expectations. What I didn’t expect is how failing would affect me and how much work the nerves would require.

I especially appreciate the patience and the constant positivity. There was no “telling me off”, just patient reminders that solidified my knowledge. Even the meltdown I had before the test was handled with full support and encouragement, that restored my confidence instantly.

Absolutely, I’d recommend the school and Paul personally for turning my driving experience around, from feeling like a failure before we met, to gaining confidence not only behind the wheel.

Nothing could be done to improve the services. All was done to make me pass, in a very professional, supportive and friendly manner.

Thanks Paul!

Serge Gutin-Hurley of Manchester


I wanted a driving instructor who I could chat to and have a laugh with and I got all that with my instructor Paul.

Because of my working pattern  availability was one of the key issues for me. I didn’t know what to expect when I started my driving lessons, but it was a lot more fun than I expected I found myself looking forward to waking up at 9am on a Saturday.

I thought Paul’s teaching methods were brilliant, he was patient and stern when he needed to be and had a laugh when appropriate.

Yes because there’s a number of available instructors who have a good track record.

There was nothing that I could say to improve, the service that I received it was 5 star.

Nathan Cooper of Reddish


When I was looking for a driving instructor the instructor had to be a patient instructor, also had to be driving an automatic car.

They had to match my availability and to be able to offer me regular driving lessons.

I have tried a few times before but given up because I found it too difficult. This time was totally different due to Geoff being patient, friendly and a great teacher.

Brilliant teaching methods. I never felt under pressure and Geoff instilled me with lots of confidence.

I would definitely recommend Geoff as the best instructor for people who are nervous about driving.

There is nothing you could do to improve your service as I found it to be first class.

Mina Fattahi of Levenshulme


The most important criteria for me was to find a driving school which would get me confident about driving and my ability to do so after time away from driving following a break after my previous driving school.

I was also looking to find a driving instructor who was patient and easy going, to help me gain my confidence and to be able to also enjoy my driving lessons along the way.

Learning to drive with Steve from Geoff Capes Driving School was as I had hoped and expected, I wasn’t a natural driver. However, Steve was able to get me ready for my test and helped me to believe I could do it!

Steve’s instructing methods were/are brilliant he explains everything thoroughly and is patient and guides you through well.

I would recommend Geoff Capes Driving School and my driving instructor Steve for the professional and well organised work they do. I saw plenty of great reviews and an excellent pass rate with great instructors.

I feel everything was brilliant for me so no improvement needed.

Bex Rushby of Glossop


When I started looking for lessons the first thing I did was go straight to the review sections. Geoff Capes Driving School had overwhelmingly positive feedback and, despite looking at other options was the one I kept coming back too. Obviously, no regrets.

For me, automatic driving lessons were a must and my driving instructor Geoff has that availability. Also, they fitted lessons around my schedule and I found the prices reasonable, especially if block booking.

My first attempt at driving was about 18 years ago in a manual car and I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. So, I started out with plenty of apprehension this time around, but from the very first lesson, Geoff put me at ease. So much so, I looked forward to every lesson. An enjoyable experience from the very start right up to passing my test.

Geoff was always calm and patient and his instructions were clear and precise, just what you need in an instructor, But that’s only half the story. Geoff is just a top bloke to be around, with a great sense of humour Nothing better than driving around for a couple of hours and having a laugh at the same time (when appropriate of course!!). Gonna miss those plastic trees, GLB’s and Jedi mind tricks.

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Geoff to family and friends, in fact, I already have. As well as brilliant driving tuition, they also offer tools to help with your theory test including mock tests. Helped me pass mine on the first attempt too.

What could we have done better to improve our customer service or enhance your learning experience with us?
Passed my theory and practical first time around. It works so no need to try and fix it.

Andrew Watson of Macclesfield


I was recommended Geoff Capes Driving School by my auntie who had passed with Geoff a couple of years ago and I wanted to learn in a automatic car. I wanted a instructor who was patient gave good feedback and also had a high pass rate.

My driving lessons I found to be a exciting experience and less nerve wracking then I thought, I really looked forward to every driving lesson I had! I found my Driving instructor Geoff’s teaching methods very useful and very easy to get the hang of.

I would 100% recommend Geoff Capes driving school to everyone I know! Geoff made me feel comfortable from the start and helped with any doubts I had, every day was different.

Stacie Dalzell of Stockport

Jonathan Haynes

When I was looking for a driving school they had to have good customer reviews and be a reputable company.

I found the whole learning to drive to be quite a long process but I believe it is ensuring that you are well equipped for real life driving.
Steve my driving instructor was very calm and friendly and put me at ease from the first driving lesson. He was very punctual and we made progress quickly.
I found Geoff Capes Driving School to be highly professional and I would certainly recommend them to all my friends

Emily Dixon of Glossop

Emily Dixon

A calm, understanding and punctual instructor that gives you the best learning experience possible

The friendly nature of the instructor. The fact he made me feel comfortable and built me up to feel confident in my own abilities to succeed with driving.Learning to drive with Geoff made me feel like I could enjoy my driving lessons whereas previous driving instructors (not of this business) dampened my experience and enjoyment behind the wheel.
Geoff prepares you not only for the test but for what comes after he works at your own pace and is a friendly guy to have there with you smiling all the way. Anything I wasn’t sure of he was happy to guide me through effectively and easily too.
Yes, I would recommend this driving school to anyone who needs to learn as you’re not going to find professional quality teaching from anywhere else. If you want a jolly, cool headed and supportive teacher Geoff is your man!
The only thing I can suggest is the text messages to tell you have a lesson the next day, have them be sent out earlier the day before I received mine 8pm every day before so perhaps early evening time. Its only nitpicking but that’s the only negative feedback I can give.

Jonathan Haynes of Stockport

Jonathan Haynes

I was looking for a driving school who could fit in around my times also the driving instructor had to be patient and friendly.

The driving school had to have a good pass rate and able to accommodate my requirements, I found that my driving lessons were exactly how I had imagined.
Amanda my driving instructor explained everything clearly and I found it so easy to follow. I would certainly recommend Geoff Capes Driving school to anybody as I had a high standard of driving instructor and I passed my test first time

Martine Turner of Stockport

Martine Turner

It was very important to me that I found a driving instructor that offered a calm and patient approach as I was very anxious when it came to driving and looking at previous reviews of Geoff Capes Driving School it looked like it fit the bill.

It was also important to me that my instructor was somebody I felt comfortable with and Amanda was definitely that person. We got on great and when I started I used to be so anxious however as the lessons went on, I began to enjoy them as Amanda my driving instructor made me feel at ease and taught me to drive in a way that just clicked.

I was super nervous about starting driving lessons again as I had driving lessons a few years back which just really put me off, so my confidence was at a serious low. I was very sceptical if I would ever be able to drive a manual car but with Amanda’s teaching methods I passed first time which was an absolute shocker! So, although it wasn’t easy for me I enjoyed it much more than I expected to.

Amanda’s teaching methods were perfect for me, I thought I was unteachable, to be honest ha-ha! But with her hard work and patience, she really managed to teach me in a way that eased my nerves and eventually helped to limit the times I got flustered! She broke things down into more simple things and although at the start it felt like there was way too much to think about it eventually just clicked.

My friend has already started her lessons! If I can learn and pass first time then anybody can, so I would definitely recommend Amanda! I am still in shock now!

Personally, all aspects for me were covered and the theory test material was also invaluable! The only thing I can think of is maybe less texts ha-ha!

Joanne Hough of Macclesfield

Joanne Hough

I was looking for a driving instructor firm that covered my local area and a driving instructor who could fit around my family life with having two small children. It was important that my instructor was patient and able to make me feel confident and comfortable whilst on the roads. Amanda certainly delivered on that.

Amanda always put me at ease which helped me to relax but could be firm with me when needed. Amanda was not only my driving instructor. When I passed my practical test I felt we had built a friendship, she’d been with me every step of the way. My goal was to pass my test before I returned to work after maternity leave. I passed my test a month before I went back to work.

I found learning to drive harder than I had first thought if I’m honest, but Amanda was always there to help with encouragement and reassurance that I would get there with patience (something that does not come naturally to me lol). Amanda’s teaching methods were always explained well, therefore easy to follow and practised over and over until it became a natural manoeuvre.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone, with a special mention of Amanda. I’ve actually passed her number to a few friends that are now looking to pass there driving test. I never imaged I would pass my test when I’m on the wrong side of thirty but I did. I found Amanda to always be flexible and with still having baby brain I also liked the reminder texts you got the night before your driving lessons.

Christine Hemlin of Stockport

Christine Hemlin

The most important thing for me when choosing a driving instructor was to find someone I felt comfortable with as I was very nervous, I had lessons years previously and hadn’t liked the instructor so after several lessons, I had given up. Luckily for me, I found the delightful, funny, charming man that is Geoff Capes! He made every lesson one that I really looked forward to, he is so much fun and really helped me with my confidence.  I wanted to learn in an automatic car, so the school I chose had to have an automatic which luckily for me they did.

Learning to drive with Geoff was a dream compared to what I had initially expected, I found the driving so difficult but he really kept me on track, gave brilliant help and advice and never made me feel stupid when I just didn’t get it! How he kept sane after teaching me to reverse around a corner I will never know!

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School, particularly to those who are nervous as I found Geoff really put all those nerves at ease and he made me feel less anxious.

Sophie Snape of Macclesfield

Sophie Snape

I needed a driving instructor who would push me to be confident in my driving, but that didn’t push me too hard, I found that instructor in Andy Jennings. I was looking for a driving school who covered Poynton where I live, also I was looking for a school who were reputable, and had a good name.

Learning to drive it took a lot more time than what I expected and it requires more thought than I once thought. My driving instructor’s teaching methods were excellent his instructions were clear and concise which made it easier for me to follow. My lessons were well structured and I felt much more confident behind the wheel and learnt much faster than expected.

I found everything with Geoff Capes Driving School was excellent from the text reminders the night before my lesson to the professional service I received from everyone.

Charlotte Davies form Poynton

Charlotte Davies

The most important thing for me, was having a driving instructor who was flexible and could fit in with my work commitments. One of the major factors for choosing the school was, that I saw Geoff Capes Driving School cars on the road quite often, so I knew they were a reputable and reliable company, I was also impressed by the customer reviews on the website.

Learning to drive with Geoff was exactly how I expected, he was so easy to get along with but he was strict when he had to be. Geoff knows how to teach people in different ways depending on their learning capabilities, he breaks things down into simple steps, so learning to drive is easy to understand.

I would recommend, Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone, they give you that personal touch where others don’t. Everything was perfect for me

Mike Rogerson of Stockport

Mike Rogerson

When I was looking for a driving school they had to offer automatic lessons, also the instructors had to be patient and understanding, other factors that helped me make up my mind was what did other people who had learned with the driving school have to say, I was really impressed with all the customer reviews on the website.

Learning to drive forward came quite quickly but when it came to the manoeuvres that was quite a struggle, but I got there with a lot of help from Geoff, so much so that I passed my test first time.

Geoff’s teaching methods were great he was very patient, he made everything easy to understand and was very clear and concise with his instructions.

I would definitely recommend this driving school because the customer service was excellent and Geoff was prompt and very reliable.

Ann Kelly of Stockport

Ann Kelly

Being 32 years old and only just deciding to learn to drive was a very daunting thought and played havoc on my anxiety levels, but it was something I had to do to finally take myself out the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat for work and family purposes.

My driving instructor, Andrew Jennings is by far one of the most relaxed, calm, understanding and patient people I’ve ever met. That along with a good sense of humour I instantly felt at ease and every time I went into meltdown he quickly had me back up and feeling confident.

I passed my test on my 2nd attempt so just like to say a massive THANK YOU to Andy for everything and would recommend him and the whole Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone.. even the other half is now taking her lessons with him….

David O’Reilly of Stockport

David O'Reilly

When I am looking to buy something I always check out the customer reviews and it was the same with driving lessons. I was really impressed by the number of customer reviews on the website.

My driving instructor was Stephen Mitcheson who I found to be very friendly and calm with excellent teaching methods, which made my learning to drive experience a lot easier than I had imagined.

I would definitely be recommending Geoff Capes Driving School to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Paige Lower of Glossop

Paige Lowe

When I was looking to start driving lessons I was looking for a school that would help me to drive at my own pace and hopefully be able to pass my test 1st time and make me into a confident driver.

Learning to drive was exactly how I thought it would be. My driving instructor Stephen’s teaching methods were very good and he moved me on at my own pace.

I would definitely recommend this driving school to all my friends, in fact, I already have.

Josie Berry of Glossop

Josie Berry

I found my driving instructor Andy Jennings to be very good, I found that he gave me the confidence to try new things, also he gave me positive feedback and his criticism was always constructive.

I found my learning experience to be very frustrating at times, but with Andy’s help I came through it, Andy’s teaching method was very easy to understand and very effective.

I would recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to all my friends, because of the excellent customer service that I received.

Martin Clegg of Stockport

Martin Clegg

I was looking for a driving school that had very good customer reviews and one that also had a very good reputation. I found all that with Geoff Capes Driving School, they also have a 5-star rating and a very good pass rate, this just confirmed to me that this was the driving school for me.

I found learning to drive to be quite hard at first, but my driving instructor Stephen Mitcheson kept encouraging me and over time it started to get a bit easier.

I found my driving instructor had brilliant teaching methods and I cannot thank Stephen enough for getting me through my driving test.

I will have no trouble in recommending your driving school because you are very good at what you do.

Hannah Cooper of Woodley

Hannah Cooper

When I was looking for a driving school they had to have a very good reputation, I was also impressed by the customer reviews on the website, they also had a good introductory offer with a money back guarantee.

My driving instructor Andy Jennings was brilliant, he was very helpful and made everything very clear and easy to understand and he was never late for a lesson.

I found the learning to drive experience so much less stressful than I had imagined it to be.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School to anybody, the customer service was excellent and I liked the text message you got the day before your lesson to remind you.

Eleanor Harris of Macclesfield

Eleanor Harris

I was looking for a driving school that offered automatic driving lessons, as I struggled with a manual car for quite a while.

I was lucky to have Geoff as a driving instructor he displayed a calm and understanding attitude throughout our lessons, he explained things very clearly. Geoff also fitted my lessons around my schedule.

The learning to drive process took me longer than I had expected, but when I started taking lessons with Geoff everything seemed to fall into place.

I would definitely recommend Geoff Capes Driving School because I passed 1st time which I never imagined that I could, also the customer service is fantastic, I liked the text reminders that you get the night before to remind you of your driving lesson the next day.

Connie Walsh of Bramhall

Connie Walsh

Massive huge thank you to Geoff Capes, who was the best instructor for me. He had so much patience and was so reassuring and had the utmost confidence in me.

Being a lady who suffers from extreme anxiety and low self confidence this was a major deal for me, he kept me focused and positive. Not only was he an amazing instructor but also became a great friend. Thank you just doesn’t cut it. Forever grateful xx

Alicia Wellington of Great Moor

Alicia Wellington
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