Manual Vs Automatic Lessons

When the time comes to take driving lessons the initial question is probably automatic or manual? So, what’s the difference and which should you choose.

Well, a manual car has a clutch pedal and in order to change gear you need to depress that at the same time as changing gear. An automatic car will automatically select the correct gear you need to be in for the speed you are going. Most people find driving an automatic simpler and potentially you can concentrate more on the road, the speed you are going and your general driving. However, whilst fuel consumption on an automatic can be more economical they are more expensive in the first place and repairs tend to be more expensive too. If you pass your test in an automatic you can only drive an automatic vehicle as well. Potentially this may cause difficulties later if you are given a company car as part of your job for example.

Learning to drive and passing your test in a manual car means that you have the option of switching between them. People who like ‘driving’ often say that you are only really driving if you are in a manual vehicle, the driving experience is completely different.

Some learners will struggle with hand and foot coordination particularly those with dyspraxia, dyslexia etc Of course, this doesn’t prevent them from learning in a manual everyone is different, and we suggest if they want to learn in a manual, they certainly give it a go!