Transporting Fireworks

What you should know before transporting fireworks in your car!

It’s Bonfire night! Chances are that some of you will be hosting or organising a magnificent firework display. But did you know that you could get 6 points on your licence and a possible £300 fine in the process?

If you are transporting too many fireworks you may well invalidate your insurance policy as well. Meaning that if you were involved in an accident whilst transporting them your insurance company may refuse to pay out, along with your car going up with a bang!

It’s highly unlikely that your back garden family display will take you over the legal weight limit for transporting explosive materials of 50kg without a firework storage licence but if you were putting on a display for a school or charity event it is well worth checking out what the explosive weight is before you set out in your car.

If you are going to carry fireworks in your car please don’t leave them in an unattended vehicle, store them safely in a dry place away from your car and remove any flammable substance from your car before transporting them.

Stay safe and enjoy your events!