Are nerves, stress or anxiety stopping you from taking driving lessons or passing your driving test?

We know that for lots of reasons learning to drive or taking your test can be a stressful experience, so we have teamed with Confident Drivers to provide our pupils with FREE access to their resources. Our instructors will also offer support to help you overcome your nerves, with lessons tailored to improve your skills and confidence in your abilities.

Confident Drivers provide resources, support and techniques to help reduce your stress and nerves. The techniques have been specifically selected by a qualifed professional therapist help you to get more confidence and control during driving lessons; so that you not only become a safer more confident driver but also enjoy your lessons.

There are a selection of exercises, audio and video files to choose from, these include relaxation techniques, imagery, breathing exercises, TFT Meridian tapping and more. The hypnotherapy audios are tailored for driving confidence and driving test nerves. You will also get a six week introduction to Mindfulness – learning skills that you can use in stressful situations throughout your life.

You do not have try all the resources, choose the ones that match your needs, try the techniques to see which will work best for you. Don’t forget your instructor is there to help to, so discuss any worries you have with them.

For more information please speak to your driving instructor.

Confident Driver

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