Preparing for your theory test

We often get asked “how should I prepare for my driving theory test?”, some students can find the prospect of their theory test quite daunting and are not sure where to start.

The Theory Test

The Theory Test consists of two parts; 50 multiple choice questions and then a hazard perception test. The multiple-choice section will test your knowledge of the highway code, while the hazard perception part of the test assesses your ability to spot hazards in real-life scenarios. We suggest that you prepare for each part separately.

Why It’s Important To Prepare Properly For Your Theory Test

Failing your theory test, especially if it’s multiple times can get expensive, it currently costs £23 for a theory test so failing can increase your costs of learning to drive quite considerably. The waiting times for driving theory tests can, in some areas, be quite long. Revising for and passing your theory test will also help you with your driving lessons.

We provide all our clients with free access to Theory Test Pro to help you revise and prepare for your test, you can access this via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Theory Test Pro will track your progress and show you how well you are doing and which topics you know and which you need to revise. During your driving lessons, your instructor may also ask you random questions to help test your knowledge. A great way to practise in real-life situations is when you are a passenger in the car asking the driver to question you on the different road signs you are passing to help you identify them and understand why they are there.

Facts & Figures

There are facts and figures to revise for your theory test such as stopping distances but don’t be daunted. Break the revision down into sections, doing them a section at a time. For some people, it helps to try and find a way to remember the distances by a number pattern or create a story around the numbers, whatever works for you.
Take as many mock tests as you can to help practice and see which areas you need to focus your revision on. You should aim to get at least 43 out of 50 every time. Every time you are out take a look at the road signs and ensure you can identify them and know why they are there, also even though you are not driving keep practicing and looking for hazards.

Local Theory Test Centres

Stockport – Ground Floor, 1 St Peters Square, Stockport SK1 1NZ
Glossop – First Floor, Glossop Business Centre, The Old Co-Op Building, 11 Railway Street, Glossop, SK13 7AG

How To Book Your Theory Test

You can book your theory test online at