Before we get to exactly what MSM is, we’d just like to remind you that your mirrors are there to help you, so use them, you will fail your test if you aren’t seen to regularly use your mirrors, not just a quick glance but emphasising your head movement to show you are really looking.

Using your mirrors is really important, as frequent use of them will help you to assess the speed and position of other road users behind you. Mirrors give you the information you need about the road behind before you commit to any manoeuvre.

Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre

What’s a manoeuvre?

‘manoeuvre’ means a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care. In driving, that means moving the car carefully into a specific position or in a particular place.  Examples of driving manoeuvres:

turning in the road (usually called a three-point turn)

reversing around a corner

parallel parking.

Routine stuff

So now for MSM (Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre)

you must always know how your driving is likely to affect traffic behind you

it includes interpreting what you see in the mirrors and acting appropriately.

What do you actually need to do? These are the steps:

Mirrors – use them to check the speed and position of traffic behind you – the earlier, the better

Signal – consider whether a signal is necessary. If it is, signal your intention in good time. Remember: never signal without checking your mirrors first

Manoeuvre – only manoeuvre if it’s safe to do so.

If you have any questions about MSM please pop them in the comment box below and we will happily answer them