Are you looking for automatic driving lessons in Chester or its surrounding areas?

Choosing the right driving school

Choosing the right driving instructor and driving school can play an important part in how well and quickly you learn to drive.  Our friendly and experienced driving instructors have a reputation for high delivering quality driving lessons in Chester and will put you at your ease and they have excellent knowledge of the Chester area as well as  Blacon, Hoole Bank, Piper’s Ash, Hoole, Handbridge, Boughton Heath, Newton and surrounding areas.

Driving lessons the way you learn

Our instructors will ensure you quickly build your skills by tailoring your driving lessons to the way you learn, they will ensure that you are confident and able to safely drive in all situations. They will help you master manoeuvres, junctions, roundabouts and more. Don’t worry if you are nervous about driving we will help you overcome your nerves.

Have you already had some experience?

If you have had lessons already, don’t worry you don’t have to start again. During your first lesson, we will assess your skills and identify what we need to work on to help you pass your test.

Looking for automatic driving lessons in Chester?

No problem, we have automatic cars. Choosing to learn in an automatic car is ideal for those who are not confident with gears or are maybe a little nervous. It makes driving so much simpler and less stressful.

Give us a call and book your lessons

Book your driving lessons at times that are convenient for you, our lessons are available every day including weekends and evenings.

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What our clients have to say….



 The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was I was looking for automatic driving lessons.

Another factor was that they were good, calm and knowledgeable. ( I’d had some bad instructors in the past that had made me lose my confidence).

The teaching methods were fantastic! Dave my driving instructor was taking me to drive somewhere different than Widnes allowed me to follow signs and get confidence in being able to drive. Not just pass my test in an area I knew!



The main reason that I chose Geoff Capes Driving School was that I wanted to learn in an automatic and had heard from a friend they were very good, very patient and friendly.

I had tried over the years with previous driving instructors and never felt a connection. With Ian, he made me feel at ease straight away. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He brought out the confidence in me. I found learning to drive to be a lot easier than I first thought. Ian’s teaching methods were spot on. He was friendly, calming, patient, firm and witty all rolled into one. He knew how nervous I was but soon made me realise I could do it.



I found learning to drive to be more relaxed whilst being thorough in everything. Dave my driving instructor also made it more fun in every driving lesson that we did and made sure we achieved what I wanted to accomplish at the end of every lesson.

I found Dave’s teaching methods to be really good and Dave gives a lot of tips even on how to control your nerves on the test day.

Dave makes sure you are confident and 100% ready to take your test. He is very patient and always gives you honest feedback whether you’ve done well or if there are things that still need improving which I think really helps the students.

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